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First, I would like to thank everyone for using our company for your patent services needs. My Mother Mary, no not that one, my real Mom, Mary has been the heart of our order processing department for many years now and she is good, real good! Now, I am proud to announce my son Zac Mraz, a recent graduate of James Madison University, is joining our team. Zac will start aiding Mary with order processing as well as helping with the administrative and day to day operations of the company. Thus, allowing us to focus on getting jobs done as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible by humans who care!

I would like to give you a little background of my work history and experience. I worked in general law for 3 years during high school. After high school I worked for a patent lawyer in Crystal City, Virginia typing patent applications and search reports. Not long after, I began taking care of everything for “the Boss” as well as all major office duties, including farming out searches, preparing forms for filing, reviewing claims and working fee sheets, invoicing, receivables, bank account management, bill paying, payroll, and payroll quarterly reports for the IRS, etc. I learned everything about the business and made sure it ran flawlessly whether “the Boss” was in or out of town.

One day a client asked if we could get a copy of a patent file history. It was not a service we performed, but I immediately said yes. By the next day, I had the process down, the file in hand and copied and shipped off to the client overnight. With my Boss’ blessing, I expanded the service section of the business to include obtaining certified copies, and of course obtaining copies of patents and patent file histories. This service became very viable with our clients over the years. Soon, I did whatever a client asked whether I knew what it was or not and always succeeded. My motto became if it has to go in or out of the USPTO, we can take care of it. In 1995 I created The Patent Place, Inc. while managing my Boss’ patent attorney business and two of his other business endeavors. I rented my own offices in 1999 and maintained a joint company relationship with my previous Boss for approximately 4 more years. The joint endeavors were dissolved and since that time, I have run this company with the unrelenting help of my Mom, Mary Watson who is phenomenal and now I am proud to have my son Zac come aboard.

2015 marked The Patent Place, Inc.’s 20 year anniversary. And we want to thank all of our customers for their continued praise and business and look forward to many, many more years to come. Counting my employment with “the Boss”, you can say I have been in this business for about 30 years now.

My focus from day one has always been “the customer is always right” and “never say no” to a request until all avenues have been exhausted.

That philosophy has allowed us to excel in the authentication and legalization of documents for use in overseas patent offices all over the world, obtaining obscure publications that are citied as references and even obtaining court documents from courts of other states. We are a can do company regardless of the request, and make your life easier.

We hope you give us the opportunity to provide you with the BEST PATENT SERVICES you can find! I mean it; you can’t beat a team like ours! Give us a try and see for yourself. We take care of our family and want you to be a part of it, so Call Mom “Mary” and she will answer the phone with a cheery voice willing to help you today!

Again, thank you for your interest in our company, but don’t let our size fool you, remember the little engine that could……that’s us and WE CAN!

Looking forward to the opportunity to serve you, sincerely,
Christina L Mraz, President